Brass Dashavatar idiols

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The elegant handmade antique dashavatar which is  10 forms of lord vishnu who is one of the sign of creator,protector and destroyer for the whole universe.The lord vishnu embodied himself in 10 forms as Mastya,kurma,varaha,narasimha,vamana,parashuram,rama,krishna,sheshnag and kalki to provide salvation for humanity. There is tremendous incarnates of vishnu but  some of  best forms which have been  popular and beloved in indian mythology. He has taken the each form to protect the human species whenever there is a danger. Adhishesha (the serpent god) one of the form in dashavatar have been encompass as important part. From the days of ancient when lord vishnu himself created in other forms to save, he was been worshipped as dashavatar by the universe.

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